Your dental work from our laboratory is carried out for you on 2 levels. Standard Service and Sterling Service.

The levels reflect the experience of the technicians working on each case, the amount of time spent and the quality of materials used. Our Sterling  service comes with a Card of Authentication guaranteeing the assurance of quality workmanship and materials.

Sterling Restoration

Your Sterling Service has a 2 year guarantee and a unique Certificate of Authentication which is transferable to your patient.
Several shade guides can be used giving greater options and flexibility.
With the increased demand in cosmetic dentistry today, we are able to offer you an increased range of bleaching shades.
All die margins are trimmed for you under magnification.
We create porcelain margins all around the gingival of the restoration with no metal showing at all unless specifically prescribed.
We offer you the availability of staining and characterisation to your own individual requirements. The more detailed your prescription the better the resulting crowns will be.

Standard Restoration

Full 1 year guarantee (excluding external trauma).
Vita classic shade guide (16 basic shades)
Quality materials.
The Impression Standard Service creates restorations for you that are functional and fit well. The contact points and occlusion areas are good, however, where insufficient clearance is presented occlusally, then an island of metal will be placed as a normal procedure to protect the bite.
Where there is sufficient occlusal clearance, then porcelain will be placed. There will be a small porcelain margin included on standard restorations where sufficient space exists.
Half shades are acceptable if you require them e.g. for darker necks.
Precious metal crowns will always contain whatever the 1711 requirement dictates.