FAQs & Tips


FAQ 1: What are the turn-around times for when we can have the work back from your lab?

We check and treat each case differently. For instance implant cases require 13 – 15 working days turnaround. For all other restoration cases we request 7 working days turn-around time. However, we do offer a fast track service for special cases, though not always possible for implant cases because these are delicate jobs that take specific time for us to order parts, design and then construct the individual parts together for the implant restoration. The fast track works because we prioritise your cases in order to achieve your deadlines. There is an extra add on cost for these. A 5 day and a 3 day turnaround is available, however the 3 day has to be pre-booked in advance.

When was Impression Dental Lab established?

Impression Dental Laboratory has been established since August 1990. In August 2020 we celebrated our 30 Year Anniversary!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us over the past 30 years!! We have been creating all type of dental restorations for many many years and look forward to producing a lot more!


SAQ 1: How important is it to fill in the ticket fully?

This is an extremely important task for your surgery because the ticket is specific to each patient. If any detail is missing it may affect the job outcome or create a delay. What this means is we can’t always start the job without all the information required from you on the actual ticket and we will then have to ring you and disrupt your daily surgery schedule to check for the missing data.

So please take the time to fill out the ticket requirements and check that all the information is correct and relevant to each case as this may save you time at a later date.


Lab Tip #1

How Bite Registration Can Help Your Surgery Downtime

The big problem with bite registrations that we deal with here at Impression Dental Lab is that they are sometimes inaccurate…
And the two important reasons this happens are:

  • The material used
  • The technique used

When we get your bite registrations here at Impression Dental Lab, we would suggest that you use a hard blue mousse type putty material because this doesn’t distort the registration in the same way as say wax can (for example in its set format).

With this blue mousse technique we would suggest that you only take the bite over the prepared area and don’t let the mousse go over onto any adjacent unprepared occlusal surfaces. The reason for this is that we can then rely on the patient’s natural retruded centric position.

This can be achieved by simply asking the patient to swallow before the bite registration is taken to give you a clear visual guide of the patient biting in the correct position. Then ask the patient
to swallow again as the bite is registered. This method should alleviate any issues with bite registration.

What this will mean for you is less adjustment needed saving precious surgery time and therefore less surgery downtime.