FAQs & Tips 2

FAQs & Tips 2

What is a FAQ?

An FAQ is a “Frequently Asked Question” that we often get from our dental clients and we are posting these here on our website to share good practice Impression Dental Lab answers to these questions

What is an SAQ?

An SAQ is a “Should Ask Question” and the reason why this is important to you is because although we get a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about technical matters, there are also some important technical issues that you should be asking us to help your understanding of our Impression Dental service.

FAQ 2: How much does a full gold crown cost?

It depends on the size of the crown as the heavier it is, the more it will cost. The fee for making the crown is a set price as detailed in our current price guide and we then charge extra for the precious metal that we use for your patient.

SAQ 2: Should I send in a photo?

For some cases it is a big help because it helps the technicians tremendously who are working on your crown. And ultimately this process will greatly benefit your patient. Sending us the photo is easy to do as you can just attach and send it to us by email at: labsupport@impresiondental.co.uk

Lab Tip #2


Emax is a great aesthetic material. This is because Emax gives us technicians the freedom to produce realistic restorations and also a very natural shade match.
With many patients wanting bleaching and lighter teeth, it’s important that we have a good idea of the underlying stump shade. The translucency of some Emax restorations makes this a very important consideration. If we are moving from a normal shade, for example A4 to A1 then this will have an impact on what ingot we use. Ivoclar Vivadent do a natural dye kit and further information and a shade wheel can be found on their website for shades outside of the normal range. Go to: https://www.ivoclarvivadent.com