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British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

British Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

This is what Steve had to say to BACD!
The Dental Technician Approves!
“As a dental technician I feel it’s important to understand the clinical aspect of dentistry, if I’m to continue providing high quality restorations and service to clients” says Stephen Charnley, Owner of Impression Dental Laboratory LTD.

“This is what motivated me to attend a BACD Recommended Meeting in Yorkshire – the speakers of which were excellent.
They discussed how they dealt with difficult aesthetic cases and managed the patients journey through to the end result.
It’s reassuring to know that dental technicians play a significant role in achieving the best possible treatment outcome for patients.

I would advise other dental professionals to attend BACD Recommended Meetings, as these sessions enable – you to meet-minded individuals”

Posted – July2019