Patient Information

Patient Information

Below is a list of different treatment options that you might be considering.

Click the below images to play a video representation of each treatment.

Posterior Crown

Post Crown

White Inlay





Tooth Lengthening

Gold Inlay

Adhesive Bridge (2 Wing Metal)

Adhesive Bridge (1 Wing Metal)

The Incisor

Fixed Appliance

Bonded Crown


Veneers for Diastemas

Implant Secured Denture

Over Denture

Anterior Crown

Crown Margin


Adhesive Bridge (Fibre 1 Wing)

Adhesive Bridge (Fibre 2 Wings)

Implants With Bar

Gold Crown

Rochette Bridge

Implant Location

Temporaries Implants

Fractured Cusp Gold Crown

Occlusal Splint

Multi Unit Implant Bridge

Implant Long Term Maintenance

Multi Unit Bridge

Full Onlay

Mini Implants 1

Mini Implants 2

Mid-Line Adjustment

Implant Crown Options

Immediate Implant

Missing Teeth Options

Precision Attachment Lower

Crown Options

Precision Attachment Upper

Bone Grafting

Connective Tissue

Immediate Placement

Flexible Dentures

White Bridge

Implant Care

All on 4