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Marie’s Journey

Marie’s Journey

What was it about your old teeth that you did not like?

I really didn’t like anything about them, they were discoloured, there were gaps and I didn’t like the shape or the overall feel of them.

How did they affect you and make you feel?

They made me feel self-conscious and embarrassed as the four teeth that I needed replacing was located right at the front of my mouth. It made me lose confidence and I didn’t like to smile making me feel uncomfortable most of the time.

How did the process work out for you?

The whole process was excellent from start to finish. Steve talked through everything, explaining what would happen at each stage. I felt relaxed, at ease and in safe hands. I always felt in control and knew what was going on every step of the way. I loved having the wax up done to see what could be achieved. It gave me the confidence knowing that something could be done for me and made me more excited for the final result, as I knew it was going to look amazing. The fitting process was a lot quicker than I thought, it was painless and I felt really comfortable after being so nervous about getting them fitted. The finished result was so much better than I could of wished for and I could not be happier. I would never have got these results without the effort and hard work the lab put in to make my amazing crowns. I couldn’t say thank you enough. It was a life changer.

How have your new crowns changed how you feel?

The new crowns have changed my life, I didn’t realise how much it would affect me getting them done, but it’s improved so many things for me. I am more confident, happier and feel amazing. I’m overwhelmed with the positive response about how good my teeth look; everyone can see the change in me. Getting my teeth done is definitely the best decision I have ever made.