Dentist Testimonials

Dentist Testimonials

What Our Dental Clients Are Saying…

“Amazing – stunning results every time. It’s really reassuring to know that each time I take a crown, a bridge or an implant out of the packaging that my expectations are always met. The support I get from the Impression Dental team is second to none. They are always available when needed and I really do feel I am in safe hands.”
Dr Andrew Sharp, Dental Surgeon, Wigan

“The difference Signature Ceramics makes is very impressive. The depth of colour and translucency are on a different level and detailed shadings and markings make for a much enhanced, natural look. This is definitely the answer for the cases that require the best.”
Dr Rab Young, Dental Surgeon, Cumbria

“Reliability and consistency are two words I would use to describe Impression Dental Laboratory. During the time I have been using the laboratory they have provided me with consistently high quality restorations. They have been entirely reliable throughout and not once have I had to cancel a patients appointment due to work not being back.”
Dr Jamie Arnot, Dental Surgeon, North Edinburgh

“I first used Impression Dental Laboratory over 15 years ago. Whilst I was happy with my existing lab, I decided to give them a try after meeting Steve as he visited dental practices in our area. At first I thought they were trying extremely hard for my business as all the work came back beautifully finished and fitting extremely well. However, the service was never reduced over the years and I can now sit back in the knowledge that they will deliver in the most extreme of circumstances.”
Dr Antony Visocchi, Dental Surgeon, Aberdeen

“We have always found the work which we receive from Impression Dental Laboratory to be of a very high standard. The service we receive is excellent and we find the team to be friendly and accommodating. The fit of the finished product always exceeds our expectations and rarely needs adjusting”
Dr Adrian Bell, Dental Surgeon, North England