FAQs & Tips 3

FAQs & Tips 3

What is a FAQ?

An FAQ is a “Frequently Asked Question” that we often get from our dental clients and we are posting these here on our website to share good practice Impression Dental Lab answers to these questions

What is an SAQ?

An SAQ is a “Should Ask Question” and the reason why this is important to you is because although we get a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about technical matters, there are also some important technical issues that you should be asking us to help your understanding of our Impression Dental service.

FAQ’s  3 : What happens to the evaluation sheets that we send back to you?

Each sheet is assessed as they are returned to us. If we find a poor tick on any sheet one of the managing directors will ring personally to apologise in the first instance but also to reassure that we will do everything we can to make sure the issue does not arise again. The details from the sheet are then stored on a computer program for us to use in the future.

Last year 98.35% of all cases were fitted at the first appointment. This is above the industry average but we have set ourselves the challenge to improve on the figure again in the forthcoming year.

SAQ 3: We see all the efforts that you are making with regards to improving customer service, is there anything we can do that will help you do even better?

One of the biggest challenges we have is when cases arrive at the Lab missing key information relating an individual patient’s treatment plan. Of course we ring the surgery and most of the time that resolves the issue. However, on some occasions the information might not be readily available and the receptionist needs to speak to the Dentist or the Nurse. This sometimes causes a delay in production which sadly on the odd occasion may lead to cancelled patient appointments. You can help us by making sure we have all the information at the time when the case arrives, especially by e-mailing photos that you have taken but not sent through straight away.

Lab Tip #3

Give Zirconia a go!

Strength plus Aesthetics Zirconia all ceramic based restorations are becoming ever more popular as discerning patients demand better looking results.

Zirconia are lively looking metal free crowns that represent very good value for money.

  • 5 year guarantee
  • Bio-compatible
  • Very Strong
  • Masks out discoloured teeth
  • Outstanding Results